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Trappin in my Sandals was MIKE Beats first project with the rapper J Jack (Lil Jack). MIKE executively produced the project and produced all 9 tracks on the Mixtape. He also was the creative director behind the video for the lead single "Hit The Gas." Overall, the Mixtape has an elevated SoundCloud sound. With lush and dreamy production mixed with grimy and farcical lyrics, J Jack begins to pull you into his drugged out world as these two aspects blend together to create a fresh juxtaposition. 



Good Ass Day

Good Ass Day was released in the summer of 2017 by Willie Mac who at the time went by the name of McKinley Clemons. MIKE Beats produced the entire tape and came up with the business strategy of releasing a new song from the project every Friday for 10 weeks. The slogan for the project soon became, "Every Friday is a Good Ass Day." The sound of this tape was extremely varied due to the fact that each single was supposed to live as its own entity. The vibes ranged from hype, chill, old school, and trap.




My Pursuit to Happiness was released in 2016 by Amari and MIKE Beats. MIKE produced all 14 tracks on the project and excessively produced the sound and themes for the project. The project was a more introspective take on the world surrounding Amari. It dreamy lush production helped to let the M.C.'s thoughts run wild as he delved into the topics of race, society, and following your dreams.



Midwest Summer

Midwest Summer was the 2nd project released by Willie Mac. During this time Willie was still referred to as Mckinley Clemons. MIKE Beats produced the entire project and helped to guide the sonic vision for the tape. The sound of this album was fun and up-beat. It consisted of old school soul samples mixed with playful synthesizers. The lyrics reflected a youthful mindset as Willie Mac rapped about leaving for school, partying, broken hearts, and fulfilling his potential in the music industry.




Trillville was Willie Mac and MIKE Beats first collaboration together. Originally released in 2015, Trillville was a soulful entry into Willie Mac's catalogue. MIKE Beats produced the entire project which reflected a soulful / east coast vibe. Although this project is the oldest, it still holds its value through its creative use of sampling and Willie's strong lyrics which reflect unification, loving each other, and growing up.



Throwaway Thursday

Throwaway Thursday was a creative release designed and produced by MIKE Beats. Originally put out as a Soundcloud exclusive, this project by Willie Mac was a short and sweet EP. With only 4 tracks, Willie Mac and MIKE decided to release one track every Thursday for a month. The sound of the project consisted of a lot of soul and smooth lo-fi samples. Together Willie and MIKE once again delivered for their fans.